SUiT (Amsterdam / Mannheim)
Blues/Western/Alternative Rock
"The Girl, The God, The Rush" - LP Release Show
Donnerwetter (Arnheim)
Psychedelic / Garage/Rock

SUiT is an intrusion, the sound of desert rock and surf guitars, unfamiliar and new-sounding Blues/Western/Alternative Rock overlaid with words that tell what has collected in one’s heart the end of each day. This is SUiT, clad in insistence, thirst for action, hope, desire, and love – love for a generation that is waking to find itself adrift in music.

“SUiT delivers the life soundtrack you’d love to have. Wild,
energetic, and wicked,” wrote the Mannheimer Morgen of their enthusiasm following the band’s showcase.

Club, 20:30 - 22:00, AK 7.-€